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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Morning View

In the cold light of morning, I do not see any nefarious deeds in the apparent Bush Bonus over the exit polls in and of themselves. Though the numbers do remain a mystery.

-From the Economist

Of note, the amount of Bush Bonus does not seem to be correlated to use of e-voting or Diebold systems. This is not to say that Diebold and all the other companies that make voting machines do not collaborate to give Bush a 2% bonus. Notable is Utah, with the highest Bush Bonus vs. exit polls of 9% is overwhelmingly a punch card state with no electronic voting of any kind. Also #3 Vermont with 5.75% Bush Bonus used all paper trail methods with no e-voting.

Other states of note: NV 1%, KY 1.6%, GA 2.4%, NM 3.5%, CA 0.6%, FL 2.2%, OH 4.1%

The Bush Bonus may be the result of nefarious deeds, but it may also be the result that the sort of people that vote for George W. Bush are also the sort of people that will tell an exit pollster to fuck off, whereas a Kerry voter is more likely to smile and say "I voted for Kerry and I'm happy to tell the world about it."

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